Put visitors on a pedestal, share and give


~Boye Ladd
Windspeaker.com Archives (2004)


Visitors have always been put on a pedestal, always been put in front. You always acknowledge the visitors…

When I go to certain lands, geez, they put you on a pedestal. They respect you. Then when they come to my land, I have to acknowledge and reciprocate by giving back to them. Take care of them in the same way.

In other words, treat people the way you want to be treated…

Give away is always something you share.

I could never be a millionaire because I'm Indian.

All of a sudden when I start winning too much, I get scared. I get scared because all at once I got all this money. It ain't meant to be, because there is balance.

For all this winning, that means I have to give away, because, if I don't it means something is going to be given away from me on this side.

What is the opposite of materialism and money? Spiritualism. You can be denied that. It's very hard for me to see medicine man, a guy living off the fat of the land, a hundred horses and lots of money, calling himself a medicine man when he should be giving and sharing with the people.

I know the spirit world. I guess you can say in religions around the world I think all have the same philosophy that we have. There is no difference.

Again, when I have all that materialism, all that money... it goes to the people. That's where that blessing comes from….

For me, to keep and horde everything, my ideals, my gods, so to speak, become materialism and money. So I have to be careful to always give and share…