Canada’s governor general exposes abuse she has suffered on social media

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 6:53pm


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Governor General Mary Simon take aim at online abuse.

Mary Simon, as Canada’s first Indigenous governor general, has faced a number of disgusting comments on social media over the last months. So many that are so awful, the office took the extraordinary step in February of turning off the comments on their social media platforms “to ensure that all those who consult our information can do so in an environment that is respectful to all.”

Today, on International Women’s Day, Simon decided to share some of those comments on her Instagram account in a video. She posted she would not brush off or ignore the comments, which she described as “abusive, misogynistic and racist engagement”. She said she has spent a lifetime opposing such stereotypes and tropes.

“I want to stand beside the younger generation and others who will no longer accept online abuse as a routine or as an obstacle to leadership,” Simon is quoted in the post.

Warning. Hateful abusive comments below that were directed towards Governor General Mary Simon.

Online hate targeting Mary Simon