Treaty No. 6 Chiefs disappointed in ousting of AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald

Friday, June 30th, 2023 3:25pm


The Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 Nations is embarrassed and disheartened by the way an internal HR matter has played out so publicly for so long. We are disappointed these events have led to the expulsion of the first female National Chief. During a time when Treaty rights should be our focus, this has been an unwelcome distraction.

Alberta has been without representation at the AFN Executive Table for over a year, despite efforts to participate as our regional bylaws dictate. This refusal of recognition includes our exclusion from both the process and eligibility in the upcoming appointment of an interim National Chief. We view this lack of recognition for our Treaty Grand Chiefs as a failure of the AFN and as a lack of respect towards our own governance – a process the AFN is bound to acknowledge. This has excluded us from important decisions that directly impact the Nations of Treaty No. 6 Territory.

While the Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 Nations must express disappointment in the outcome of the non-confidence vote, we have much to contribute and acknowledge that there is work ahead for all of us. We welcome the opportunity to take part in building a better future together through a renewed, respectful relationship.